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Brochure Design

Can an intelligent brochure design, custom designed for your business, really help your business? You're probably thinking that the future is here, and the future of marketing all resides online. Though this is a hard argument to disprove, one can not be so reckless as to disregard other forms of direct marketing, particularly if these methods have proven successful in the past. What about marketing brochures featuring eye-catching corporate brochure design? Have people become so accustomed to online surfing that they will now refuse to pick up a book, brochure, or magazine? Not likely. In fact, it's bankable that sometimes people prefer to read something on paper rather than on a computer screen, especially if that physical copy is colorful and has stunning pictures.


If you are interested in having a brochure designed and have a few ideas but not a full visualization of what the brochure will look like, then you have come to the right place.


We provide you with up to 5 stock photos or you can provide your own images. You can provide the copy that will fill the pages of your brochure or you can hire THUD to do it for you. Additionally, we provide printing services at affordable prices to ensure a brochure of excellent quality.


Currently, we offer you three options for our brochure design services: the Bifold Package, the Trifold Package, and the 8 Page Brochure Package. No matter which package you choose, THUD will bring your concept to life. Aside from that, you will receive total ownership of the final product.

8 Page

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