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Internet Marketing

Email Marketing & Newsletters

Think email does not work anymore? Not a chance. Your customers are in their inbox every day several times a day. With Email Marketing from THUD you are sure to reach them, and that means more people through your front door, more calls, and more revenue.


The list of email "super stores" is quickly growing, and we have used quite a few. It has been our experience that Constant Contact gives us the flexibility to design custom email and newsletters that are consistent with the Client's website, therefore enforcing your brand. Additionally, add on features such as polls and surveys are just as easily customizable so we can add them to your website so they look like they are PART of your website.


THUD utilizes their list building tools to build your email list. These days, buying email addresses by the hundreds of thousands is counter productive. The negative impact from using them now heavily out weighs generating your own qualified email list.


Our Email Marketing & Newsletter service is a highly customizable service we can tailor to your specific needs. We can target multiple lists with any frequency of emails. Maybe you want a weekly email to go out to all of your new Customers welcoming them. Monthly newsletters promoting new products and seasonal services are highly effective. Save time and let THUD create a beautiful email that immediately engages your customers.


If you would like to talk about this in greater detail, please contact us for a FREE consultation.


Constant Contact

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