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Internet Marketing

Pay-Per-Click Solutions

If you want to generate immediate traffic to your website, pay-per-click advertising is the easy answer. Not only is pay-per-click advertising an excellent way to generate instant traffic, it's also perfect for tracking promotions you offer on your website.


There are tens of thousands of websites you can pay to advertise on, but we only work with a few of the big names that have a proven track record for us and our Clients. We start off by determining if your comapny falls in one of three categories, or a combination of the 3: a Local Campaign, National Campaign or an International Campaign.


For the larger two (geographically speaking), National and International Campaigns, we utilize Google Adwords, Yahoo, and Bing. We then determine if your company is product or service oriented to determine if you should be advertising on a product site, such as eBay and Amazon, or if should be advertsing on an industry related listing site. THUD takes it one step further and evalutates your social network. We can help you generate social awareness for the mediums you utilize most.


When it comes to Local Campaigns, we have a long standing relationship with a company that specializes in pay-per-click advertisng on the big sites. We simply do not turn you over to them, but work closely with them. For their efforts to work and maximize the results, your website needs to be a fine tuned piece of programming genius. THUD still takes the steps to determine if your comapny should be advertsing on product driven sites or industry related listing sites, as well as evaluate your social network and how it can best work for you.


If you would like to talk about this in greater detail, please contact us for a FREE consultation.


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