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Internet Marketing

Social Media Management

Save your time and your sanity. We realize most companies do not have the time to manage their social networks properly. THUD has honed our Social Media Management service to perfection. We can build your social channels, create your content, publish your content, respond to comments, grow your customers, and drive your sales.


THUD will manage all the details of your solution from setup to scheduling, daily posting and more. Responses to your customers' comments will be in real-time, to encourage dialog and build brand trust. By coordinating with you for products and services you want to push, we will create relevant content that your customers can identify with to unite the community and influence sales.


THUD can create engaging contests, sweepstakes, and exclusive offers that are used to reward customers and encourage sharing. We will grow your customer base by expanding your social reach through targeting outreach and advertising.


You can measure your success by the detailed reporting we will provide you on a weekly basis.


If you would like to talk about this in greater detail, please contact us for a FREE consultation.


Social Media Management

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