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Website Design

Content Creation

Companies always want to generate more business from their website. Are your SEO and SEM efforts plateauing? Chances are your content is not working to it's potential. How do you fix this? Itís called content marketing, and it really is the new marketing.


Nine out of 10 people search online for solutions and answers (not company names) before making a product or service purchase decision. But todayís consumer ignores banner and sponsored advertising: Seven out of every 10 clicks are from organic links, not paid ones. Thatís where you need to be. Search engines reward original, relevant and frequently updated content.


Here at THUD, we can create a Content Strategy specifically for your company to help you reach your goals. We will evaluate your current SEO/SEM status and create a benchmark to start from. Then, THUD will make recommendations on your website, blog, social media, and article content. Once we are given the green light to proceed, we will create all new, optimized content to attract and engage your potential customers. Content Marketing has measurable results. THUD will monitor your analytics and provide regular reporting on performance results.


Our content marketing services enforce your brand, increase traffic to your website, build your customer base, and drive sales. If you would like to talk about this in greater detail, please contact us for a FREE consultation.

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