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Website Design

Website Design & Development

First impressions online matter more than ever. Engage your audience, increase sales, and make a lasting impression with a professional website designed and built specifically for your business and your customers. We have a rare blend of both design and development expertise that gives us the capabilities of building some complex and custom web features for our clients.


THUD will consult with you on the various aspects of your website as it relates to marketing, sales, and business processes. Our consultation process will:

  • Ensure we are a good fit
  • Fully understand your goals and requirements
  • Inform you of our approach and capabilities
  • Confirm requirements and the business functions of your website
  • Propose a strategy with a scope, budget, and schedule


Setting mutual expectations is the key to a successful project and relationship. We pride ourselves in asking the right (and sometimes tough) questions and being thorough during the sales process. We work diligently to explain the process and clearly understand the website design requirements throughout our relationship working together.


The combination of project goals and expected results drive our team to strategic decisions for every web design deliverable in our process.

  • Sitemap for content structure and organization
  • Designs that compliment and reflect your brand
  • SEO and content analysis to ensure traffic
  • Social media integration for SEO optimization
  • Development plans for content management


Once the site is launched, enhancements will likely happen to meet business changes and constantly improve the website. We will stay in touch with you to revisit your long term plans, and once a plan is executed, new website design requirements will be considered for development.


If you would like to see how THUD can help you, please contact us for a FREE consultation.

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